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Biodata Alyah

ALYAH profile

Date of Birth : 3rd JANUARY 1981
Place of Birth : GELANG PATAH, JOHOR
Height : 163cm
Weight : 46kg
Hits Singles : - Tak Mungkin Kerna Sayang 
- Ku Pinjam Satu Bintang (feat. Riz AF6)
- Realiti Dewi

Album : - Album Kompilasi Khas Dr. Mahathir – Kita 
Adalah Kita (2001)
- Permata (2003)
- Kompilasi GEMPAQ (2004)
- Fantastik/The Fabulous Cats (2006)
- Alyah (2008)

Music Achievements : - Juara Wirawan EON (1994)
- Juara Suara Johor (1997)
- Juara Bintang Asli (1998)
- Juara Bintang Sensasi Johor (1998)
- Naib Johan Asia Bagus (1998)
- Juara Bintang MPPJ (1999)
- Juara Bintang HMI (2000)
- Top 12 8TV’s OIAM (2006)
- Top 5 AIM16 - Best Pop Album (2009)
- Most Popular Song of 2009 in ERA.FM [Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang] 
- Finalist Anugerah Juara Lagu 24 (2010)
- Best Performance GAH1 Akhir RTM (2010)
- Best Song GAH1 Akhir RTM (2010)

1. Performances : - Malaysia A1 GP 2008 in Sepang
- Malam Kemuncak AIM16 2009
- Tetamu Jemputan Pesona NONA Akhir 2009
- Tetamu Jemputan Bintang RTM 2009
- Konsert Jomheboh TV3 at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru
- Konsert Jelajah 11 ERA bersama Perodua at Taiping, Johor Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, Teluk Intan
- Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2010
- Anugerah Juara Lagu 24 2010
- Malam Kemuncak GAH 1 Akhir 2010

2. Telemovie : - Telemuzikal Aidilfitri “Cinta Meriam Buluh” 
Alyah got her first taste of stardom when she emerged as the champion of Bintang HMI in 2000 with her excellent rendition of Francesca Peters’ Andainya and Khatijah Ibrahim’s Ku Ingin Lari.

Her career in the music business started when she landed on a recording deal with a local label. She released her self-titled debut album, HASLIA in 2001, but the album sank without a trace when the label went burst.

She then has been given an opportunity to sign a record deal with an international label, EMI. An album released under this label. PERMATA, which is the title of the album, loaded with commercial pop songs, one could anticipate a high quality album as it incorporated well-known producers and composers including LY, Bong, Miji, Aji, Kelly, Pacai, Ross Arifin, Zuraini and Taj Mahal. However, the album did not go so well.

In 2006, Alyah left the label and decided to participate in a reality singing competition; 8TV’s One In A Million. She made to the Top 12 before she had been voted out on the fourth week.

Alyah had been in a Hip Hop group named The Fabulous Cats, and involved in their first album. The album called FANTASTIK and featured a diverse range of music from ‘90s Hip Hop, R&B, reggae, reggaeton, and ‘80s pop to swing. The first hit single was ‘Papa Jahat’. Other songs which also enjoyed great play on local stations include ‘Fantastik’ and ‘Rimas’.

In December 2008, she came back with a solo album. The album is produced by a well-known singer and composer, Ajai under his label, Wake The Baby with co-operation by Complete Version and being distributed by Maestro Records. The album is indo-pop oriented and involved few well-known lyricists; Habsah Hassan, Slen and Abie.

The album consisted of 8 songs and 2 music videos. Both videos has been directed by Hedy Suryawan and been shoot in Jakarta. The music videos are for her first single, Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang and a duet number with Riz AF6, Ku Pinjam Satu Bintang. 

This album has been nominated in AIM2009 in the category for Best Album. And the song Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang is selected to be among the 14 songs competed in TV3's 24th Anugerah Juara Lagu. Alyah is now in the midst of preparing for another established song competition i.e. RTM's HITS1 which the same song of Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang will be competing with the other 9 songs. The Finale is tentatively scheduled on 27th of March 2010.

Alyah is now promoting her third single, ‘Realti Dewi’ after her two successful singles, Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang and Ku Pinjam Satu Bintang. The song already has been in charts of most radio stations.

Recently, Alyah with the golden touch of Ajai and Habsah Hassan through her hits single ‘Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang’ eventually led her luck to win the Best Song of RTM’s Finale GAH1. Besides, Alyah herself won the Best Performance category.

Gambar Ehsan

Alyah has finally put her name in the music industry after going through 10 years of trials and tribulations in her singing career. She made a very successful comeback and never looked back since then. By looking at the pace she's going right now, her star will not fade, at least not in a very near future.

She is now busy with her new album production which will incorporated few well-known composers such as Julfekar, Alzan Abu Hassan, Omar K, Aidit Alfian and Ajai. The album is planned to be released by the end of 2010.

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